Photo of man stretching in front of Reinvention Fitness logo

Reinvention Fitness was created to offer a variety of options for your health and wellness journey, including local small group and one-on-one bootcamp classes, virtual options and creating health and wellness support info that's easily accessible. RF's mission is to give personal attention within a motivating community setting that includes accountability and support in a fun and ultra rewarding atmosphere.


Hi, my name is Regi Johnson and I’m the owner and creator of Reinvention Fitness. I have always been a very active person. Even in my childhood years. It wasn’t until my 8th grade year that I fell in love with active competition. To fulfill this passion, I became a three-sport athlete in high school. After high school, I played in a number of basketball leagues and tournaments and also participated a few boxing matches.

Then life happened. After my second child at the age of 25, I slacked off on my health and fitness routine...to say the least. Since I, now, had grown up responsibilities, my competitive spirit and fitness lifestyle took a backseat to the car seats. It wasn’t until I had am eye-opening conversation with a someone who flat out told me that I didn’t look like I used to. I candidly replied by saying that I didn’t feel like I used to either. That was the moment I decided to reclaim my health and journey back to an active lifestyle.

Since that conversation, I have competed in multiple basketball tournaments, bodybuilding competitions, bench press and fitness competitions, as well as obstacle course racing. Yes, obstacle course racing! But most importantly, I had completed my journey back to a better me. Now, my focus is to share my experiences, habits and, of course, my workouts with you to assist you with your own personal, “Journey to a Better You.”